From IKService we offer furnishing projects to homeowners or private tenants who want to furnish with IKEA. 

IKEA is a good choice for furnishing and equipping homes, offices and other spaces.




-Great Articles offer, different styles.

-Excellent price / quality ratio.

-Immediate availability.

-Availability Immediately. 

-We can find everything you need to furnish and equip any room: sofas, tables, beds, cooking utensils, crockery, curtains, decorations, etc. 


If you don't have an IKEA store nearby, do not have time, or simply do not want to go shopping, loading, transporting and assembling, we do it for you. 


Our Service: 


  1. Home visit. 

  2. Development of a project proposal and initial budget.. 

  3. Purchase, transport and installation. 


Here are some examples!

Our objectives:


  1. Your property will stand out from the real estate offer from the moment the buyer is selecting on Internet the properties that he is interested.                 

  2. Create a positive first impression on potencial buyer / tenant, from the moment he sees your property advertised on the Internet.                           

  3. Highlighting  the strenghts and minimize the weaknesses of the property, taking full advantage of what we have and minimizing the neccesary investment in repairs, upgrades and new acquisitions.                                                          

  4. Sell ​​or rent in a shorter period of time.                                                                        

Our Service: 


  1. Initial visit and assessment of the property and the necessary steps to prepare your home for sale/rent. Report and budget.                                                                               

  2. Redistribution of furniture, organize the space and create the right environment for the visitor to imagine himself installed in the house.                                          

  3. Painting and minor repairs, if needed.                                                             


The enormous success of vacation rentals and short-term rentals is already well known. Companies like Airbnb have only increased their activity and users in recent years. Benefits such as greater profitability or the speed and simplicity with which these types of homes are rented are frequent reasons why many people prefer this option when renting their property.

"Online service"

IKService is currently established in Madrid, Seville and surroundings. If your property is not in one of these provinces, we offer our online advice service that includes:

  1. Design of a furnishing project.

  2. PDF with furniture and accessories.

  3. Complete shopping list, which includes references and location of all items in IKEA.

Having a Show Flat is an essential marketing tool for property developers.

An empty flat will always be unattractive to potential buyers, as it is very difficult to envision a "home" in an open and unoccupied space. 


We offer you the opportunity to completely furnish the house, allowing the potential buyers to imagine themselves living there. We create livable and inviting spaces that will facilitate the sale of the property.



"Refreshing service"

Specialists in preparing proerties to rent again

We take care to leave everything settled down so your property is ready to be re-rented.


Our service:


  1. Visit to assess the work  that must be carried out. Report and budget.                    

  2. Cleaning service of bedding, curtains, carpets, mattresses and upholstery.           

  3. Painting and minor repairs.                                                       

  4. We will provide pictures of your home so you can advertise it on the Internet.